Ok, so out of the blue, I find myself “linked to some US/NATO” conspiracy. Funny, all I did was write a Pulse article, and all of the sudden, I’m part of a NATO/CIA conspiracy to influence Finland? I think? Hell, I don’t know…. Nonetheless, here’s the hit piece:me


Pentagon propeller heads Jessika Aron support


Eric Tallant wrote a LinkedIn article , which freely translates mean:


“Pro-Russian, trolleys completed information warfare tactics to hacking, banned in the real world and intimidation”.




Tallant to use the word ” graduate “, so this ” graduation ” gives the impression of some kind of graduoidumisen, obtaining a decision certificate for the following tasks. The starting point would have been ” information warfare tactics ” that you are probably but apparently these trollijuttuja.The next stage would be ” hacking, banning and threats in real life “.


Eric Tallant used as the basic text of Joel Harding , published by writing a script is obviously the notorious Lt. Col. Torsti Sirén’s handiwork.


Joel Harding is a retired American information warfare officer who now hold public outcry pretty empty on all issues in order to meet the everyday lives appreciated.



Tallant and Harding’s writing to raise my name. 


This is both tragicomic that genuinely sad that the American information warfare runs low around paths. These men write as if Yle supplier Jessika Aron ‘s defense. Today, Jessika Aro has enjoyed more than the delivery of the NATO conferences Yle.


I have never worked in any way trollina. 


There I do not have the know-how to, know-how and skill.


Tallant and Harding do not sufficiently understand that in Finland the whole nation is of opinion and freedom of expression. The Finns poorest people to express their political opinions in elections, and we do not have such a strange pre-enrollment system for the elections of the United States of America.   And also a part-time cleaning lady believes in human rights and in accordance with the Constitution entitled to as a comment and keep track of the political and social debate. It is Finnish!


The fact that I follow the political debate, and sometimes I make a comment on my blog, is by no means exceptional in Finland, based on the equality of citizens in society. I think it will not be unanimous Trollia line on the grounds that I am the current discussion in the audience!


Unfortunately Tallant and Harding, as well as J. Aro have not understood that the conversational audience sitting in the audience, and indicates the varied opinions, but they are not agents of information warfare. That’s what I’m in the stadium audience, I did not factor in information warfare!


When professionally engaged in information warfare and examine persons lose the above-mentioned base their proportions and perspectives, so they wrote the stories created a confusing jumble.


I am not far from ” graduoitumassa ”   (to graduate) absolutely nothing, I’m not getting a diploma for new tasks, but my background has been just a little pappiskurssi, where I learned praying and reading the Bible. It can be compared to The States to a Bible course or a prayer circle, which will become believers. I do not have the knowledge, know-how is not and does not want information warfare diverse battles. The reality is to clean up in the morning the restaurant’s toilets. This is not a competence area of information warfare!


Tallant headline in the pro-Russian, trolleys are moving now to hacking (hacking) 1 Whom he uses as an example the story, is the only reference in my life. I have never hacked anything, and I can not any such things with your computer. Actually, I do not know how to do almost anything with your computer! For me, it is sufficient to put the power of the computer and turn it off after I finished writing!


‘Ban Who and who?


The second word is ” bannaus”, banned from giving (Banning) . Such Even I have not practiced, but in fact I am stung by the fact that the Torsti Sirén and Jessika Aro have bans against me on Facebook! I can not read what they write about me still occasionally. Fortunately, friends care about the worst things my surprise murhettani and strengthening.


I’ve never written anything Torsti Sirén or Jessika Aron Facebook pages!


I have never sent them an email. Nevertheless, these people consider it necessary to give me a “banned”. Time special that Eric Trallant turn the story upside down as pro-Russian, trolllit be transferred to such a tactic ?!


Real-life threats?

The third title is a specialty of “real-life threats”. As such, I would be indifferent to what anyone Eric Tallant write, but he used my name as an example.


I have never spoken any kind of threat against Jessika Aroa – I do real-life, I do not social network and I do not e-mails, etc. Nor am I never wrote any threats against Joel Harding.. I do know that he was threatened Save where the Finnish social network that he (Joel) is able to turn the knife a man in the stomach. Such writings I do not accept.

As for the link to the video Tallant, which perhaps could be used as an “excuse” for the claim that I would sometimes something by threats, both against: In this video, I will not say on anyone named mention the people and the rest of the video is unfortunately in a hostile edition, turned off. So without any redactions that the video would have ended it with wonder, that I do not know what to do with these United Nations under the anti-terrorism Security Council sanctions list against internet resources , which the Caucasus Emirate Doku Umarov and the municipality on behalf of the Kavkaz-Center was read. It was, therefore, a video, in which I asked the authorities for more concentrated action against terrorists, but I never released the video, which was originally planned provocation. Video was stolen from me and corrupted was released, after a malicious Redaktion. This does not, however, nothing to do with Jessika Aron and Joel Harding!


For this title, I see already once that Eric Tallant is not sincere-author of “pro-Russian, trolleista” information warfare on the pitch.


Eric Tallant has published writings on 28 May 2016.



Who are then liked Eric Tallant writing? 


Intelligence Expert Keith Smith , kyberturvallisuusasiantuntija Brady Willis , a software engineerTyler Wong , kyberturvallisuusanalytikko Emer Zapanta , based on open source intelligence (open-source intelligence) Specialist Brian Tarling , ISRSEC acting in Colorado International kyberturvallisuusorganisaation’s chief operating officer Yon Lew , senior kyberturvallisuusinsinööriDan Williams , America, the United States providing services security organization Stratpassin Executive Director Michael Woodson , a professor at the University of Sofia, Nikola Tehodossiev , the CIA’s retired legend Charles Leven , cyber safety and intelligence authorityKandy Zabka and information operations act in Texas Paul Cobaugh (prime contractor for the US army) and some others.


Paul Cobaugh’s to LinkedIn CV.


For example, Paul Cobaugh worked for nine years (August 2006 to August 2015) US Army Sergeant Major, the task of information-operations.


Figure on the basis of Keith Smith’s work history LinkedIn site.


acting in Colorado Keith Smith says he worked 20 years of intelligence tasks for the needs of the US military, in particular in Russia within the theme. His is the intelligence SIGINT and HUMINT expertise are due.


Charles Leven


CIA officer Charles Leven is one of the legend, which Google to find a lot of information. 1970-2006, he served as an intelligence officer at the CIA, as well as in Washington and abroad. The years 2006-2011 he served as staff officer and as a mentor to new CIA agents. He also served as the CIA’s recruitment center. In April 2011, he retired. He participated in the Obama for Americacampaign. Furthermore, he acts as an informal advisor and mentor. They are able to excellent Russian, which he used while traveling in the Soviet Union while serving in Ronald Reagan , who based his info came up with the idea of the Soviet Union “an evil as the kingdom”.



The picture shows Eric Tallant

In fact, the story writer Eric Tallant is also in the United States Army men. He says LinkedIn profile , in particular, he has extensive expertise in the collection of electronics and intelligence data and analysis for professionals and mentors. The last few years he has served as Tennessee National Guard (National Guard) and partly at the same time in 2014 in the US Army, mainly in the technical review of electrical systems and repair tasks. His studies are still in progress Henely-Putnam University, where he analyzes the propaganda and psychological warfare.  He has been awarded the military medal for achievements in August 2014, March 2010 Iraq campaign medal, in November 2014 Afghanistan campaign medal, in December 2014 NATO’s Article 5 medal, etc.


In the same way I could go a whole list of distinguished names who like Eric Tallant article and take part to its support.


Yankee information officers were threatened? Who, where and when comfortable?

The article titled big write Tallant: American Information Officer Threatened by pro-Russian Finnish Neo-Nazis are Popular Social Media Site


American information officer was forced to Russian-minded neonatsien threatened the popular social media site.


Tallant This refers to the fact that Joel Harding has met with criticism from the MV magazine’s website: his arguments have been questioned and cooperation Promoted supplier Jessika Aroon has been raised in astonishment transparent.


What this is really a “threat” (threatened by), is a wholly-only Mr. Tallant fantasy.


Another merkillisyys is in that intermediate title, the word ” Pro-Russian Finnish “. Where he comes up with the word “pro-Russian”, “pro-Russian” only on the grounds that with Jessika Aron epäpatrioottinen cooperation Joel Harding raised transparent and famous?


Tallant story marked by me ” neo-Nazi” (neo-Nazis) , which hardly anyone of my friends or those who know me a little bit not to accept the real definition.


What is amusing   (Ironically, jenkkitiedustelulle Translation: amusing, tragicomic ) Tallant article, so he joins Joel Harding, we can succeed in writing against me, which is based only on the fact that Harding is not part of the Finnish language and he tried to read the text Google translator, when he does not understand meanings of sentences .


In addition, Harding confused me MV-name of the journal mark on the sole ground that he Torsti Sirén had sent an argument. When enough of something starts to argue, then it will eventually already believes that claim to be established!


It was at that time about what it means that the US military special services Jessika man says that ” She is’ good people ”, which is part of the special forces of the Yankees most sacred.This is actually a big thing Tallant no analyzed, but only to the question of who speak the language well and who is wrong!


Chance of Tallant and Harding do not at all understand that the Finnish and European conceptions of good investigative journalism refers to the independence of the intelligence services of foreign states, while Tallant and Harding do not in any way do not get this problem Jessika Aron linkage with NATO and the United States. For them it is normal.


Charles Leven, a retired CIA legend, is responsible for Tallant and Harding text:


“The good thing is that the Trolls new intimidation tactic does not work; in fact, they are bust (bust); Belgian contact, Joel Harding, and others who are in their attacks on targets will be stronger than ever, constantly revealing Trolls spread disinformation and accurate information “.


However, in the case of CIA legend Charles Leven, who write that kind of sympathetic assessment after Tallant and Harding’s stories, so arises the feeling despair: whether just the right agents to be stupid about the United States of America , when the cleaning lady to understand more about Finland ???


First, Leven no place common question as to whether at all there is any ” new pelotelutaktiikkaa” or no “intimidation” !!!

No one has actually shown or used anything at intimidation (intimidation) any Joel Harding against!

And what does it mean ” for their attacks on targets “(the targets of Their attacks), the case was just and only Jessika Aron with the disclosure of the links Joel Harding . How is this supposedly “attack”?



Charles Leven and Joel Harding


This is followed by Joel Harding’s at least as remarkable outpouring of commentary.


“The bad news is that Jessika Aro was speaking at a conference in Lithuania yesterday, and Juha Molari was there, described his speech incitement to hatred. They continue to attack. “


“A really neat thing is that we found a cyber vulnerability exploit, and the neat thing is that it is perfectly legal! We are going to put down their seven sites … Of course, they will begin to place them somewhere else, but when we find out, hopefully they are not attached to their vulnerability


“I am also working with the Government of Finland. Approximately three more additional comments, plus we get publicity Finland lehdistöss “.



“I am not accustomed to war in the light of day … I’m so accustomed to the shadows.”


Text by Joel Harding raises many question marks. 


First of all, Jessika Aron and close connection with Joel Harding looks set to continue. Joel Harding has received information that “Juha Molari” would be taken by a video Jessika Aron conference in Lithuania until the day before somewhere. Aron and Harding’s the connection seems to play almost in real time.


Secondly, I have never been in Lithuania . I do not even have the money to travel abroad. My life has been confined to a small area of my home and the center of Helsinki, the trip will go either running or metro. On rare occasions, I go to public occasions, and I will take, even in the picture.It is the Finnish constitutional right, which belongs equally to the cleaning person deprived persons in Finland. However, no “their struggle” does not exist. It is my own my interest and my right to follow events in Finland! Pathetic and sad that information warfare occurring as a professional Joel Harding did not seem to understand these things.


Third, Harding has found (or “we found”) kyberhaavoittuvuuden, which intend to make use of. I have no doubt at all that my computer and internet traffic is much kyberhaavoittuvuuksia.Cleaning lady has no secrets, so I do not particularly inject weight to the issue.

Harding sees entitled to as a knock down seven websites that do not like him. Finland is understood expression and the freedom of expression and democracy in a whole different way.Any way to a good grade is not formed for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reporter Jessika Aro keep friends work great together with the state such types, which threaten to knock down other people’s sites! In any case, here too it was revealed who it actually “threatening”.


Fourth, Harding believes that he should be the foot in the door and could talk to the Government of Finland . Chance of information warfare Officers in the United States of America is customary to mix the politicians’ opinions. Finland is, however, another of land. Finland has been an independent country. Yanks are pretty strangers and strange to us.

In fact, I write this story, for example, in English, because it is foreign and strange language.Russian language is much more beautiful and the Russian-Finnish hear more on the streets than English. The Yankees are the behind the long-distance travel in a strange world – VERY FAR FROM FINLAND! Russia is just next door: when I go to the bus stop, pay more than 10 euros, so I have a small moment in Russia. I have no money ever to travel to the United States of America (and it is not interesting else).

So the whole of Finland has been built completely differently from Joel Harding imagines. Finland is an independent country: the US-retired officer can not be a mole at work Finnish Government.Hardly any of the doors be opened to a pensioner Finland Joel-board! Without Jessi Aron name, no one would feel Joel, pensioners and even now only active recall that there was someone behind Jess Yankee Joel.


We are clearly different. Joel Harding writes that he is accustomed to work in the shadows, but not in daylight. I always live in daylight. At night I sleep.


Some of them are CIA agents mentors, some declare publicly (!) Will operate reconnaissance missions. Yankee world is special!



Joel Harding wrote either conception and liked it a significant number of specialized reconnaissance jenkkejä from CIA legend Charles Leven.



Jason C. Groves also registers that he has a knowledge and strength.



Pentagon serve the propeller heads (propeller heads)


I myself am quite sure that for me is not reserved for the slightest file and marking the futureFinnish Rail Row (Supo) as Tehtaankatu (Russian Embassy) . There is not nobody know my name. Even less anyone knows about me of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the security services in large buildings.


The more I seem odd that the Pentagon serves the apparently more “propeller-head” (propeller head), Wise and Intelligent presenting their own opinion publicly and expertise in intelligence, but actually live alienated world of real mess in their own fantasies and luuloissaan. And Jessika Aro keep friends work great together with them!


For me personally, those kinds of intelligence world the propeller heads are quite a strange phenomenon. 


I have never before encountered such. I want to believe better also from USA.


In the past, I have really only one experience from USA. When I was studying pappiskurssilla praying and reading the Bible, as a american happened to read spiritual books the same as I do. I faced him in the library. Always the same books and the same pages! So I invited him to our home, because I am not in principle prejudiced Americans. Unfortunately, I had a little time later to ask him to leave my home. He was very confused mind. Find the “truths” by means of a number series, which are believed to find those spiritual books page numbers and other secret codes. Outwardly, he looked like a healthy human. Perusal showed that he had some kind of skitrofreeninen world order, which was organized upon numbers.


I would like to hope that the Pentagon’s servants would not be as crazy as the old case of my youth!




Evaluate the source: Pro-Russian Trolls graduate from the Information Warfare Tactics to Hacking, Banning, and Real World Intimidation | Eric Tallant |


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