First of all, I hesitated to write this article. It seemed like talking about the events that happened in Dallas, and how foreign agents were using domestic proxies to stir political divisiveness was inappropriate. I didn’t want to be guilty of the exploitative charges that I was launching at the propagandists. I didn’t want to be a propagandist, or a hypocrite. However, balance, and exposure seem very important at this time. A time when media outlets are belching out news, information, pundit opinions, and the trolls roam social media, looking to lay blame on POTUS, Democrats, Whites, Jews, Blacks, Police, and Poverty.


The rhetoric is heavy. Every side has its dug in opinion. Just as we’ve seen before in Fergusson, social media has become a conduit for real time agitation. The more “likes” a post has, the more susceptible young, impressionable minds are to thinking that the actions of their peers ok, and that at the very least, they should continue spreading the message. You know the routine, it’s called “going viral”. The youth aren’t the only ones that get caught up in things “going viral” , and the message behind the posts. Reasonable, otherwise sane adults are manipulated by the quick blurb found in a meme.


It should come to no one’s surprise that media, political, and social groups are well aware of the simple, yet surprisingly effective power that a social media post “going viral” can have. There are blogs filled with how to use social media for marketing.


Besides the standard memes found on social media, there is also a marketing tool used by governments, and political groups to influence, distract away from, or otherwise manipulate opinion. They’re called trolls. Trolls come in many sizes and intellects. Some push a line, some bully, some create posts that are so confusing, that the reader abandons the thread. Trolls come complete with their own sources to cite from, and they will share them as a refutation against honest debate.


Russia’s Right Wing Drives Right Wing Movements Across the Globe, especially the US

If you know anything about the USSR’s past foreign media involvement, forget what you know. Well, that’s to say, forget the intended audience. It’s flipped 180 degrees. Putin’s propaganda and troll army now aims to strengthen Russia’s political goals through Right Wing politics and pundits. Here are some external sources demonstrating Putin’s foreign propaganda campaign:

The main body of Putin’s propaganda aimed at a global Right Wing audience is spread through actual organizations, either political or journalistic. However, the chorus, the most important part, is spread by scores and scores of trolls. These trolls have the debates, cheer up the party line, and destroy dissent. They are the masses that really move the message.  This message rarely deviates from its intended directive, subvert current political opinion in favor of that of the Kremlin’s. So, when a tragedy like what happened in Dallas occurs, right wing trolls are ready to jump all over it. As a matter of fact, neither Russia, or domestic Right Wing news sources need publish an article. Their domestic trolls will go to work for them, blaming Obama, stating that it’s a false flag operation to deprive American’s of their civil liberties, and furthering racial tensions. This is the dangerous beauty of propaganda spread by Active Measures. The trolls become so pre-conditioned on how to think, that they only require a small bit of reinforcement, and head-patting to further their divisive propaganda mission.