Rachel Marsden Is “Officially” A Russian Troll

By Joel Harding


Recall the Russian Troll, Rachel Marsden, who I reviewed first here: Pardon me, your bias is showing.

As a result, I was flooded with input from readers from all over the world, who detested, and exposed Ms. Marsden as an unmitigated Russian troll and a disaster of a journalist here: Rachel Mardsen, Russian Troll.

Now, as Sputnik News enters the Top 100 outlets list, Sputnik France Enters Country’s Top 100 Online News Outlets, Rachel Marsden is featured as a “columnist and political commentator”, Rachel is promoting herself.

Sputnik News, don’t forget, is the “news” outlet spun off of RT, Russia’s state-controlled media outlet for fabricated, sensationalistic, and outlandish news stories.

ht to j, for helping me keep track of this troll.