By Eric Tallant

Former Army NCO/Fellow at The Intelligence Community

Everyone has that one family member that they just can’t have at a gathering anymore. You know the one. They show up drunk, loud, and suck all the life out of the party. The offender only gets worse as the get together goes along. You know, making passes at family friend’s spouses, taking four ounce shots of vodka, before finally passing out in the bathroom, naked. Well, that’s Russia, right now.

Russia’s behavior excludes them from participating in, well, almost everything these days. Soccer hooligans from Russia took home first place for worse behaved fans, ever, at this year’s international soccer games.  That’s no small feat for soccer fans, who are widely known to be rowdy.  Add to that, the fact that members of Russia’s would be Olympic team tested positive for enough performance enhancing drugs to make Lance Armstrong say, “DAMN!”, and Russia gets declined their chance to compete for “The Gold”.

So, the no good Russian leadership does what it does best when shunned on the world stage. They do no good.

Think back to 2014. It was only two years ago. Russia used the cover of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi to seize part of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. By now, you probably know that story. So, I won’t insult your intelligence with a recap. Well, it’s time for the Summer Olympics, Russia isn’t invited, but they won’t let that bother them. Instead, they’ll throw their own party. A military party, and it’ll be staged on the Russian/Crimean border with Ukraine.


Russian Armor and Internet Blackouts

I awoke this morning to several Facebook Instant Messenger messages from a friend of mine in Ukraine. That’s not uncommon. What is uncommon is the contents of her messages. Here, I’ll let you see for yourself:massing forces

She went on to state, “And my home internet doesn’t work all weekend for some unknown reason

On the phone all the time.”



Well, it does appear Russian armor is massing on Ukraine’s borders, and those reports are being supported by several bloggers, both here, and in Ukraine:


So, it appears that not inviting our drunken, belligerent Russian uncles to the party means they’ll throw a tantrum. I pray that Russia gets responsible leadership, soon. However, it’s going to take more than prayers to save Ukraine from the world’s office party bullies.