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Former Army NCO/Fellow at The Intelligence Community


I read the XXcommittee’s blog about once a week. The analysis, which is largely from a counterintelligence perspective, is excellent. John Schindler, whom appears to be XXcommittee’s chief analyst really digs into topics and subjects from the often jaded, conspiracy driven perspective of a CI officer. Don’t get me wrong, CI agents have to be suspicious of all things, at all times. I’m a fan of that perspective because it allows one to filter past seemingly benevolent motives, and get into the desires, goals, and objectives of real, and would be hostile state and non-state actors. The CI perspective is a needed view point when creating an analysis product. Out of all Schindler’s blog work I’ve found value in, nothing strikes me as more poignant and note worthy than his analysis of Edward Snowden. Here’s a link to an index of XXcommittee’s Snowden analysis product:

The XX Committee Snowden Reader

May 31, 2014

Over the year since the case of the NSA traitor-turned-defector Edward Snowden broke into the public eye – and what a year it’s been for your humble blogger here – I’ve written up a lot on this remarkable affair. On all aspects: intelligence, politics, diplomacy, personalities, zeitgeist. I’m in the process of writing a book on Russian intelligence, but you can get my content on the Snowden Operation for free, now, right here. For the benefit of new visitors, here’s the full list of my writings on the case, in reverse order, beginning with my latest post, which I wrote this very day. It’s all here – the secret stories, the hidden agendas, the painful lies of Ed’s defenders, the online dust-ups with Wikileaks, and Glenn Greenwald repeatedly refusing to debate me … you saw it here first, so enjoy!

[UPDATE: Since the Snowden Operation continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, I will maintain this as a living document and update it with my new writings on the case, as they happen.]

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Berlin: NSA is not spying on German industry (11 August 2014)

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The Snowden Operation Meets ECHELON (3 June 2014)

When did Snowden go over to the Russians? (31 May 2014)

The Snowden Operation Falls Apart (30 May 2014)

KGB General: Of Course Snowden is Working for Russian Intelligence (23 May 2014)

Schindler v. Greenwald … almost (18 May 2014)

Germany wakes up from its Snowden binge (2 May 2014)

How to Win Cold War 2.0 (26 March 2014)

Western Journalists and Russian Intelligence (21 March 2014)

How Snowden Empowered Russian Intelligence (20 January 2014)

The End of the Snowden Operation (18 January 2014)

Meet the Anti-Snowden: Captain John Philip Cromwell (24 December 2013)

Sweden Exposes the Snowden-Greenwald Fraud (18 December 2013)

Denmark gets ahead of the Snowden Operation (27 November 2013)

Reforming NSA from the top (26 November 2013)

On Snowden and Coincidences (23 November 2013)

Snowden’s Thunder Down Under (21 November 2013)

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Google and NSA (4 November 2013)

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Update: Merkel’s “real” cellphone is secure (28  October 2013)

NSA, Germany and Handygate: A Reality Check (27 October 2013)

It’s called the Second Oldest Profession for a reason (21 October 2013)

So you want to know about NSA … (6 September 2013)

Snowden, NSA, and Counterintelligence (4 September 2013)

My walk in the EMOPROG lion’s den (2 August 2013)

Wikileaks, Snowden, and the Belarus Connection (6 July 2013)

WWDD: On Real NSA Whistleblowing (2 July 2013)

Snowden in the US-Russian SpyWar (27 June 2013)

Will the real Edward Snowden please stand up? (25 June 2013)

Fistfight in Secrecy (or, Me & Glenn) (20 June 2013)

Snowden, Intelligence, and History (17 June 2013)

No Such Agency no more (16 June 2013)