By Eric Tallant: former Army NCO/Fellow at The Intelligence Community




Kseniya Kirillova is a friend of mine. She’s from Russia, and has recently moved to the United States. Her articles are featured in Euromaidan Press, Voice of America, and she has also contributed to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. When trouble from Russian subversives operating in American information space came my way, I could always count on Kseniya to cover the events in the press, thus relieving the clandestine troubles that could effect me. Needless to say, I owe her one.

Very recently, a Russian journalist, living in Ukraine, was murdered. Shortly after his murder, a hit list featuring Russian “traitors” was published online. Kseniya was on that list. The following is a link to said list. It is in Russian, so I advise you use Google Translate to decoded it:

My friend Resa Warchick, a writer for World Net Daily, has already shared her concerns for Kseniya online. The more we discuss this topic, the better chance we have at saving her life.