By Eric Tallant

Former Army NCO/Fellow at The Intelligence Community

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Not a day goes by that I don’t see someone sharing an article about a new domestic terrorist attack. Be it one pending, or one that has happened. Now, thanks to social media, and things going viral, we have a culture of people dressing up as clowns and attacking children. This is especially a real problem here in the Southern United States. It happened in Tennessee today. See look, I just did it. I just did what I shouldn’t have done. I gave it power through type. That’s my point people. We feed are monsters. We tell them what scares us, and they respond in kind.

We give the monster power.

Think about it. Everything needs something to feed off of. I need you to read my articles, and share them. It validates my work. The terrorist, “killer clown”, and nobody killer needs you to show your social media outrage to live. Television stations need it to sell products. Politicians need it to win elections. Just as you would never feed your children’s bad behavior with too much attention, why would you share the horrible news about a killer? I get it, to some degree. You want to inform, and you want to be the conduit from which news comes. Perhaps it’s you doing your part.

My final point is this, bad people will always be with us. Injustice will be too. Stop telling ISIS that what they are doing is getting attention by watching their videos. Stop giving the next terrorist a will (more than he/she has already) by posting articles about the horror of their events. The next time you’re shocked, scared, outraged, or otherwise concerned, consider not hitting the “share” button. Don’t feed the monster.