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Rachel Marsden Is “Officially” A Russian Troll

Rachel Marsden Is “Officially” A Russian Troll

By Joel Harding


Recall the Russian Troll, Rachel Marsden, who I reviewed first here: Pardon me, your bias is showing.

As a result, I was flooded with input from readers from all over the world, who detested, and exposed Ms. Marsden as an unmitigated Russian troll and a disaster of a journalist here: Rachel Mardsen, Russian Troll.

Now, as Sputnik News enters the Top 100 outlets list, Sputnik France Enters Country’s Top 100 Online News Outlets, Rachel Marsden is featured as a “columnist and political commentator”, Rachel is promoting herself.

Sputnik News, don’t forget, is the “news” outlet spun off of RT, Russia’s state-controlled media outlet for fabricated, sensationalistic, and outlandish news stories.

ht to j, for helping me keep track of this troll.

Superstation95: New York’s #1 Russian Disinformation Station?

By Jason C. Groves

Introduction by Joel Harding


A link to this article was sent to me by one friend, so I clicked on it.

Surprise, Jason is a friend of mine, writing on my favorite subject.  I love his style of writing, it’s personable. He documents the heck out of this article, which I really like. He presents a lot of documentation to each of his points, he never falls back on the common Russian use of “it is well documented” or “it is well known” (which never is).

Jason admits what he can and cannot prove.  That is rare and highly respectable, in my opinion.

Every now and then Jason seems to meander off the topic, but every time he ties it into the main topic, further cementing his arguments.

I worked with Jason, for years, engaging Russian trolls, chatting with them, drawing them out, analyzing what they said, perusing their profiles on LinkedIn, doing outside research, and four of us traded notes – copiously. I can’t count the number of times I reported someone for hate speech, which LinkedIn never seemed to take seriously.  Every single troll he mentions in the article I have had dealings – especially the “admiral”. In fact, I admit to dressing down this so-called admiral, publicly.   Strangely enough, the admiral shut the heck up, at least around me.

This is a very long, very detailed, and well assembled piece.  I’m proud to call Jason a friend, and I’m ever prouder to help circulate this article within counter-Russian propaganda circles.

At some point down the road, whenever someone in the West gets their collective byproducts in sequence and begins analyzing and listing Russian proxy and propaganda sites, this should be held up as an example of how best to make your case.  Then I suggest we find a way to officially list each as a Russian ‘agent of influence’.

I especially agree with his conclusion, given what he says in his article, “the appropriate U.S. Government would likely have sufficient circumstantial evidence to begin making official inquiries.”

</end editorial>

By Jason C. Groves


One recent morning, while exchanging snarky comments (I do it, I admit I do it, and if one were to judge the replies I receive… I’m rather good at it) about Russian disinformation; part of what during Soviet times was termed “Active Measures” (активные мероприятия) and overseen by the forefather of the Russian Federation’s current Foreign Intelligence Service, the SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki), the KGB, or Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (State State Security of the USSR) with a guy from the Hudson Institute [1]. The thread had been initiated by a pro-Kremlin internet ‘Troll’ [2] which lead us to the subject of Russian disinformation/propaganda outlets. There are obvious ones like Pravda [3], RT (formerly Russia Today) [4], and Sputnik [5] but there are others which are less well-known such as Russia Behind The Headlines [6], Russia Insider [7] and Global Research [8]; founded by Michel Chossudovsky, “son of a Russian … émigré, the career United Nations diplomat and academic Evgeny Chossudovsky” [9], Infowars [10], and Veterans Today [11]; about which Senior Editor Gordon Duff admits (at the 1:10:58 mark in the audio recording):

“[a]bout 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false … 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false” [12]

with Alex Jones of Infowars and Gordon Duff of Veterans Today having both appeared on RT countless times. [13] [14] Still, there are still others which while they don’t have definitive links to Russia, are nevertheless favored by Russian Trolls such Consortium News [15], Counterpunch [16], Signs Of The Times [17], Washington’s Blog [18], Zero Hedge [19], and the apparently now defunct Christ The Morning Star [20] [21] [22]

Loyalty Over Ethnicity

Just as there are different types of Troll, not all “Russian Trolls” [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] are actually Russian. Here’s an example of one from Serbia (though other Serbians seem to question whether she actually is) admitting that not only, is she a Troll, she is acting as one “for free” (her reference to being a bigot occurred after she not only condoned Russians beating homosexuals to death, but said she would do the same).

The Russians, like the Soviets before them, are very adept at finding and harnessing existing animosity then exploiting it for their own purposes. In the above example, Jovana who amongst my Connections is referred to as Trollvana (Troll+Jovana), is obsessed with U.S. & North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military involvement in the Balkans during the 1990s even though nations which comprised the former Yugoslavia are now NATO members or have Membership Action Plans [31] with Slovenia and Croatia being the former, Montenegro having been recently offered accession subject to ratification by existing members [32], while Macedonia & Bosnia and Herzegovina, the latter. Serbia too, despite its historically close ties to Moscow has agreed to extend “freedom of movement and immunity to NATO troops.” [33]

Another example of long-simmering animus exploited by the Russia Federation is that between Greece and historic rival Turkey. On LinkedIn, it has manifested itself in a Battalion of Greek Trolls within the larger Army of Russian Trolls, spreading anti-Turkishagitprop [34]. While I don’t have exact figures on the number of Greek users of the site actively engaged in such behavior, one of the most pervasive is a former Greek actress living in the United Kingdom who, along with an unpublished Greek “author” and a seemingly uncredited Greek “architect” appear to work as Part-Time (or volunteer) propagandists for the Kremlin.

In addition to their unapologetic pro-Putin leanings, these three women have demonstrated significant anti-Western bias, are unabashedly against the NATO despite the glaring fact Greece is a member [35] and like Turkey, has been since 1952 [36]. Further, in addition to being anti-Semitic Orthodox Christian bigots (any criticism of their anti-Semitic posts or comments is immediately met with allegations the person ‘hates Orthodox Christians’ or assumptions that person isn’t themselves a Christian) and not surprisingly seem to support the far-right political party, Golden Dawn. [37] Because of their frequent verbatim quoting of each other’s posts (I don’t mean sharing via LinkedIn, I mean actual copying of full blocks of text which on occasion have included the exact same typos), several of my connections and I believe the latter two of these individuals are actually fake profiles created by the former to spread disinformation and propaganda on behalf of Russia and refer to them as “the Greek Trollfecta” (Troll+Trifecta). They along with a Greek “Admiral” who not only alleges to be a 3rd Generation American; as-yet unverifiably asserts he spent the majority of his career at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (not only as part of the Hellenic delegation but also in Senior leadership positions); declares he was the “Architect of the Global Security” at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens; claims a PhD. from a sketchy Swiss diploma mill; and professes to have been “therewhen they crucified [Jesus]!”

Separating Disinformation from Actual News

Days after Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 [38] [39] [40] [41] in late November 2015, I noticed several people, not least of which was the “Admiral,” posting an article about Turkey closing the Dardanelles Straits, one of two which along with the Bosphorus Straits make-up the “the Turkish Straits” and including the Sea of Marmara between them separate the Aegian and Black Seas. Given stories were already appearing in Russian state-owned media sources like Sputnik, “the Buzzfeed of Propaganda” [42] [43] in the months preceding Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian Civil War [44] [45] thereby creating a legend, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

The source of this “story”–my word choice being intentional–a New York City radio station’s news page. [47] At the time I wasn’t familiar with “Superstation95” but was more interested in trying to find the origin of the story not realizing that later 95.1 wouldbecome one of its own.

A reverse search of the first image returned 25 results [49] of which nine featured URLs which ended in .ru, one was Greek, and one specifically mentions the word “conspiracy”. Meanwhile, there were 48 for the second including 15 which were in Cyrillic, five in Greek, and one in Farsi. [50] The most interesting of these latter results I thought, was a website calling itself Line of Defense (ЛИНИЯ ОБОРОНЫ) [51].

Countering Russian Disinformation or Creating it?

According to Line of Defense’s “About Us” page [52], the “resource” was “created” to “confront the monstrous propaganda machine of the Russian Federation, which sculpts a parallel reality and deprives viewers and readers and critical thinking at all – the desire to think for themselves” while also claiming to ” put the interests of Ukraine in the forefront.” It goes onto state:

“In order to avoid unnecessary explanations, we … [present] the author’s point of view, based on open sources of information. We deliberately avoid the publication of these sources and to minimize the designation of specific numbers and names.”

Unfortunately, what it also doesn’t do is identify the original “sources” of said Russian disinformation which in addition to some red flags about the site including: it having a top-level domain “.org” despite it not appearing to be an Organization of any sort; its Registrant, Admin and Tech Contact information being represented by a Domain Proxy [53]; the name of the site being shown as “Line of Defense” while the URL utilizes the non-American spelling of the word (Defense vs. Defence), leads me to question whether it is actually countering Russian propaganda or creating it–intentionally or unintentionally.

I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own!

Much like the line from the low-budget Sci-Fi movie The Dungeonmaster made famous by Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame…

Disinformation and propaganda often requires one to suspend common sense and refuse to apply logic to a given story or claim and the propaganda itself can range from mere perceptional disinformation to absolute fiction. Nevertheless, there will be people who no matter how sensational the assertion, ready to not only believe it but to further it in cyber space. Not surprisingly, before long, the story was soon spreading like wildfire across the internet in general and LinkedIn in particular,

notwithstanding the obvious fact “transit and navigation” through the Dardanelles and BosphorusStraits collectively called “the Turkish Straits” are covered by the 1936 Montreux Convention. [56] The relevant parts of the the agreement stating the following:

“Article 2. In time of peace, merchant vessels shall enjoy complete freedom of transit and navigation in the Straits, by day and by night, under any flag and with any kind of cargo, without any formalities, except as provided in Article 3 …

Article 4. In time of war, Turkey not being belligerent, merchant vessels,In time of war, Turkey not being belligerent, merchant vessels, under any flag or with any kind of cargo, shall enjoy freedom of transit and navigation in the Straits subject to the provisions of Articles 2 and 3. …

Article 5. In time of war, Turkey being belligerent, merchant vessels not belonging to a country at war with Turkey shall enjoy freedom of transit and navigation in the Straits on condition that they do not in any way assist the enemy. Such vessels shall enter the Straits by day and their transit shall be effected by the route which shall in each case be indicated by the Turkish authorities.

Article 6. Should Turkey consider herself to be threatened with imminent danger of war, the provisions of Article 2 shall nevertheless continue to be applied except that vessels must enter the Straits by day and their transit must be effected by the route which shall, in each case be indicated by the Turkish authorities”

Such claims also ignoring Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu reaffirming publicly in 2008:

“the Montreux Convention is important to maintain stability around the Black Sea and vital for the security of Istanbul and the Bosphorus.” [57]

Not to mention allegations Turkey has turned a blind eye to allegations that Russia has been using “individuals and logistics companies—referred to herein as the ‘Odessa Network’”–not to be confused with the 1972 Frederick Forsyth novel, The Odessa File later made into a movie staring Jon Voight and Maximilian Schell–to “transport weapons to the Assad regime in Syria, among other notorious violators of human rights” with “Odessa Network company leaders hav[ing] personal and financial relationships with cabinet level officials in the Russian and Ukrainian governments, including a personal advisor to Putin and senior Russian military industrial figures.” [57] [59]

The Assumed Admiral & Argumentum ad Verecundiam

Given one of the people furthering the claims of the Dardanelles Straits being closed in violation of the Montreux Convention purports to be a retired “Admiral” who claims to have served for years with NATO (though this may come as a surprise to the Organization), it would be very easy for any unsuspecting person to fall victim to ‘argumentum ad verecundiam,’ a form of logical fallacy referring to an argument designed to appeal to authority.

Example: He was an Admiral and worked at NATO ergo, what he says about Turkey closing the Straits must be true!

Thankfully, as I have been suspicious of “the Admiral” for some time, and acutely aware of ongoing anti-Turkish disinformation efforts, I didn’t have to worry about falling victim to his argument. Of course, my refuting the claim promptly didn’t stop others from succumbing to it.

The Propaganda Boomerang

When it comes to disinformation, it’s not uncommon to see attempts to recycle propaganda in the future which was either effective or incendiary in the past. Personally, I think this concept should be referred to as a ‘propaganda boomerang.’

A mere three months after the “Line of Defense” Dardanelles tale, it was the Bosphorus’ turn in the limelight. This time, the Strait in question was different but the purveyor of this particular piece of propaganda was exactly the same, Super Station 95. [62]

At least this time around, there was an actual source listed, “NICK CHEILADAKIS [sic].” [63] According to his website’s bio which oddly abruptly ends [64], “for almost 30 years” Mr. Hiladakis “has been a correspondent in Turkey for many years and has written numerous articles in well-known newspapers and magazines” on Greco-Turkish issues. While there is a references “Turkish Balkan Studies,” there isn’t one about his being published in Serbian [65] or articles published in Russian. [66] [67] [68] I can imagine why Mr. Hilakakis is willing to spread anti-Turkish disinformation and propaganda but given the number of articles which are being published by him in Russian does make me wonder whether or not he’s a paid agent of influence?

Propaganda and Pirate Radio

Having twice encountered propaganda aimed at swaying public sentiment against Turkey and towards Russia, published online by Superstation 95, I was curious to find-out more about it. I started my research by asking my wife about Superstation95. She’s an employee of a subsidiary of the single largest owner of radio stations in the United States and at the time I met her, while I was on assignment there, was living in the New York City area.

While Superstation95 purports itself to be a radio station operating on 95.1 Megahertz on the FM Broadcast Band [69] in New York City as evidenced by their profile picture on Twitter [70],

the closest listings my wife could confirm were the following listed by distance in kilometers from Superstation95’s alleged location in the Fort Greene neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn:

To put it in perspective, here is a radius map of the above stations in relation to New York City …

On February 12, 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) served “83-40 BRITTON AVENUE, LLC” a 7-story brick apartment building in a residential neighborhood the Flushing area of Queens, New York [72] with a “NOTICE OF UNLICENSED OPERATION” [73] re a “broadcast radio station on 95.1 MHz.” In all likelihood, the notice corresponds to Hype Radio [74] given it was operating on that frequency and in the borough of Queens.

Under the heading, Penalties for Operation Without A Permit or License [76], the FCC states:

The Commission considers unauthorized broadcast operation to be a serious matter.  Presently, the maximum penalty for operating an unlicensed or “pirate” broadcast station (one which is not permitted under Part 15 [of FCC’s Rules] or is not a Carrier Current Station) is set at $10,000 for a single violation or a single day of operation, up to a total maximum amount of $75,000.

Adjustments may be made upwards or downwards depending on the circumstances involved.  Equipment used for an unauthorized operation may also be confiscated.  There are also criminal penalties (fine and/or imprisonment) for “willfully and knowingly” operating a radio station without a license.

One can compare the site of Superstation95 (note the URL, THIS is the homepage)

to that of a legitimate radio station such as Rochester, NY’s [77] WAIO.

Not to mention of course that one can, pardon the bad pun, “Tune-in” [78] from anywhere in the world using the iHeartRadio app [79] [80] or at

The Man Behind the Non-existent Station on the FM Dial

Kim LaCapria writing at the ‘urban legends’ website, [81] describes “Superstation95 [as] an online presence that is neither a ‘superstation’ nor a legitimate news source, but rather a repository of misinformation”. She goes on to state “[b]eginning in late 2015, Turner’s Superstation95 began spreading alarmist hoaxes and conspiracy theories on social media, frequently building upon legitimate tragic or frightening events with falsified details. … The site’s claims [span] many conspiracy themes, but remain[s] cohesive in [its] consistent lack of credibility, accuracy, or respect for the victims of tragedies. As with prior topical yet fabricated information from the site, Superstation95 use[s] … actual event[s] to add untruths that seemed to have been written for the sole purpose of gaining page views.”

According to Ms. LaCapria, the owner of the site is Hal Turner [81] [82], “a white supremacist who was sentenced in 2010 to 33 months in prison

for making death threats against three federal judges” [83] following their ruling upholding handgun bans in Chicago and a suburb. [84] [85] [86] The type of person who, ironically enough could be a character in The Turner Diaries. [87] [88]

At one point, according to her, “[t]he individual listed on the site’s ‘Contact‘ page is Turner’s criminal lawyer”; however, the page now returns a “404” error. [89]

Using web indexing cached by the ‘Wayback Machine’ [90] I was able to confirm Ms. LaCapria claims of a relationship between Turner and Superstation95

As well as verify that the address previously listed [91] …

was that of his attorney, Ronald G. Russo, Esq. [92] [93] [94]

 Under the heading “About,” Superstation95’s website features a link entitled “FCC License info for 95.1 FM” The Application Search Details [95] list the license applicant as “BRIDGELIGHT, LLC”, with the “Community of the License” as I mentioned previously, shown as “FORT GREENE, NY”, a neighborhood Brooklyn. The application status is shown as “GRANTED” on “11/08/2013” for an “ORIGINAL CONSTRUCTION PERMIT”.

Bridgelight, LLC while NOT an entity registered with the New York Department of State, Division of Corporations, even as a foreign entity (one incorporated outside of New York [96]),

it is legitimately one across the Hudson River in New Jersey according to the New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services.

A search for Bridgelight, LLC. returns results [99] [100] indicating it is the owner of  a radio station in Freehold Township, New Jersey, “WRDR (89.7 FM)” [101] “branded as Bridge FM” which “broadcasts a wide variety of programming including Contemporary Rhythmic Praise and Worship Music, preaching and teaching, brief Christian features, instructional Christian programming, Church services, and Children’s programs.”

In addition to 89.7 FM, the station’s website advertises that it is also broadcasting on additional frequencies: “91.9 FM – Parlin, NJ; 103.1 FM – Fort Lee, NJ; 99.7 FM – Monticello, NY’ and 106.9 FM – Poughkeepsie, NY”


Does New York ❤ Putin’s Lies?

After his arrest in 2009, it was revealed Turner “worked as an informant for the FBI between 2003 and 2007” [88] [103] [104] apparently going by the code name “Valhalla”. Despite the public outrage, he’s remained an unrepentant racist

and such sentiment ignores the fact that he is just one of a long line of such individuals who have acted as informants. [106]

It would be easy to suppose this is the reason Turner appears to have disassociated himself from the website which now utilizes a Domain proxy to protect the site’s Registrant, Admin and Tech Contacts (interestingly enough, despite the availability of such service providers in the United States, the site is using one in Queensland, Australia. [107]). However, the domain “” was not registered until April 17, 2015. [107] Still, it’s presumably easier to spread conspiracy theories, disinformation, hoaxes and propaganda if the site isn’t easily associated with a felonious white supremacist snitch. Further, such topics harken back to the old KGB “Department of Agitation and Propaganda (Agitprop)” intended to coordinate and disseminate “foreign propaganda”. [108]


Can I definitively tie Hal Turner and Superstation95 to the Kremlin ongoing propaganda machine? No. That said given you’ve probably read Russia propaganda today [109]; Putin’s attempts to influence European affairs by financing political parties [110] [111] [112] [113]; Russia serving as something of a nation-state conference center for all things Far-Right [114] [115]; “American Neo-Nazis” being found on the Russian equivalent of Facebook, VKontakte (or VK for short) [116]; as well a link between the Charleston, South Carolina shooter, Dylann Roof [117] and the “International Russian Conservative Forums,” [118], the appropriate U.S. Government would likely have sufficient circumstantial evidence to begin making official inquiries.
























































































[87] Macdonald, A. (1978). The Turner Diaries. Arlington, VA: National Vauguard Books.





















[108] Shultz, R. and Godson, R. (1984). Dezinformatsia. Washington, D.C.: Pergamon Brassy.












The dangers of Hate and “Us vs. Them” propaganda and no apology for combating them with all means.

By Paul Cobaugh

Information Operations Practioner and Contributor at Narrative Strategies


I realize for those of you that are connected with me and/ or follow along with groups I have an interest in, have seen me engage in some occasionally passionate conflicts with persons and profiles here on LinkedIn. I, along with other friends’ colleagues and those sharing similar and common values are most often engaged in battling propaganda and hate. Propaganda can be used for good or evil but it’s the Evil that I’m discussing today.

There is a very good reason to engage those engaging in propaganda. Propaganda, is a tool with a variety of tactics that influences for a specific reason that helps to achieve a victory for the person or entity using the tactics. Those persons and entities I/ we have been engaging here on LinkedIn have as a goal to exploit political, religious, cultural divisions to weaken the US and our Allies. Some of these foes, such as Russian, State-sponsored trolls, religious or political ideologues (Domestic and Foreign) and Violent Extremists of all types often use the divisive tactic of hate and an “us vs. them” tactic to achieve their goals.

The link included with this post is a case study that “walks the reader” through some of the mechanisms of how hate and the tactic of “us vs. them” actually work and by default, just how dangerous it is when you recognize just how effective it is.

As noted above, the reason to fight divisive propaganda is simply because it is so dangerous. Although most people recognize hate when they see it, they don’t realize that it is a systematic tool that is not only offensive when first encountering but that if left unchecked can lead to what is described in this article. You may recognize other historical events when reading how these tactics work such as the use of these tactics in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, “The Killing Fields, etc.

Having the knowledge of just how heinous these tactics are and that they are being intentionally manipulated for evil purposes leaves most people, including myself with no choice but to challenge them whenever and wherever they rear their ugly head.

Thanks in advance for all that read this.

Russian Intelligence- Have they sent you a LinkedIn invitation?

By Alan Malcher MA malcher


In my recent post, ‘Russian’s Increasing Intelligence Activities’, I listed 14 countries in western and eastern Europe where Russia’s intelligence services are making a concerted effort to obtain information. The official threat assessments from these countries clearly shows Russian intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover, illegals or NCO’s (non-official cover) and sleepers continue to operate at a level not seen since the height of the Cold War. Other well-placed commentators also suggest the number of Russian intelligence operations and the resources used to support of these operations far exceed the Soviet Union’s Cold War activities.

According to John Schindler, a retired intelligence analyst with the National Security Agency, the recent FBI success in arresting a Russian spy ring based in New York, “… is the tip of the iceberg…Since the demise of the Soviet Union Russian intelligence services have rebuilt their overseas networks, partly to wage economic war against the west…” (CNN Politics, 28 January 2015

The Russian Federation, even more so under President Putin, aspires to be a great power, not only through its possession of nuclear arms, but also being among the largest economies in the world. Recognition as a leading scientific nation also supports the claim of great power status.

Apart from those countries listed in my previous post (“Russia’s increasing Intelligence Activities”), in 2007 the British government announced that Russian and Chinese intelligence activities in Great Britain was forcing intelligence resources to be diverted away from fighting terrorism.

During the Cold War era the Soviet Union’s intelligence services supported large-scale efforts to obtain scientific, technological know-how through overseas operations, and this continues to this day. In order to compete with the west this search for technology is equally matched by Russia’s use of extensive intelligence sources and tools for long-term industrial espionage. Anything providing a military, scientific, political, technological or economic advantage over the western nations is firmly in the sights of Russia’s three main intelligence agencies which often work collectively to achieve this aim.

Russia’s attempt to win the information war by dominating the internet and controlling their domestic news corporations; their army of trolls who work 24/7 (See my post ‘Puppet and Puppeteers’) and various reports describing Russia’s aggressive intelligence initiatives,  further support claims of an unprecedented level of Russian intelligence activities throughout the world.

After examining official reports and statements from various security services who have identified hostile Russian activities, which have greatly increased since Russia invaded Ukraine, we can clearly identify what information Moscow is seeking to obtain. For instance, all fourteen countries have reported attempts to target information on companies and research institutions that deal with energy, finance, media, dual-use technology and defence.  There have also been accounts of Russian intelligence attempting to obtain information on military formations, military-civil infrastructures, and other information which may be used to undermine a countries political stability, defence and security; and other prime targets for sabotage in the event of hostilities.

Apart from career agents from the SVR (overseas intelligence), FSB (Security service) and GRU (military intelligence) directing operations and acting as agent handlers, success depends on the calibre and large numbers of willing, unwilling and often unaware participants for their operations. The recruitment of ‘clean skins’, individuals who are native to the target country; have no criminal record and are unknown to the authorities, continue to be a priority simply because they are extremely difficult for counter-intelligence officers to detect.

From what we know about those responsible for recruiting overseas assets and agent handlers, they are intelligent, sociable, extrovert, find it easy to build relationships and winning trust before turning their targets into informants.  If using ‘natural charm’ is unsuccessful they revert to a more aggressive approach- blackmail, financial arm-twisting, threats and false promises. As we have seen in the case of Anna Chapman the ‘honey trap’ is still an effective tool!  Although the procedures and resources are in place to recruit and ‘persuade’ suitable individuals, they first have to identify potential agents and then establish what can be used to make them spy against their country. The internet, and in particular social media, has made this easier than it was during the Cold War era.

Anna Chapman – SVR agent. 


Have you ever wondered who those anonymous viewers of your profile are? The majority may be quite innocent: legitimate recruitment agencies or other members who just want to see if you have the required skills and experience before sending an invitation to connect. Others may have more sinister intentions, ranging from troll activities to recruiting intelligence assets.  For instance, over two year ago a LinkedIn member openly looked at my profile on several occasions.  This was at a time when Russia ‘was not’ invading Ukraine and I was posting real-time information and breaking news on LinkedIn. This information was originating from Twitter contacts inside eastern Ukraine at the time.  The profile of this member claimed he was an IT specialist based in Moscow and he spoke fluent English.

During this period, when I was relatively new to LinkedIn and my network security was not as effective as it is now, my malware software detected an attempted attack which had been blocked.  According to the report generated by this software the attack was from an IP address in Saint Petersburg! It would appear the IRS (internet Research Centre) were not using or had inadequate proxy servers. Several months later, whilst researching the internet for information on current Spetsnaz operations, I came across the photograph of a FSB officer who looked very familiar. According to the accompanying news reports he was a communications specialist who had recently been killed whilst operating with a small group of Spetsnaz troops in eastern Ukraine. Although still inconclusive, I immediately saw a resemblance to the profile picture of the Moscow based LinkedIn member who had looked at my profile several times.

Another example of ‘questionable’ LinkedIn activity occurred whilst writing this post. I was emailed by a contact in the USA who is known for their extensive activities against Russian trolls.  This ‘troll slayer’ expressed concerns regarding the profile of someone who claimed to be living in England and was not sure whether to accept their connection request. After agreeing to look at this profile it became immediately apparent they had failed to do their research: this individual claims to be serving in the Royal Air force (RAF) but their profile picture is the cap badge of the British army’s Royal Engineers! Apart from having no military connections there are also several inconsistencies in his/her profile. Due to some of the expressions and terminology used, there is also the strong possibility this person is not British.

Due to LinkedIn being an extremely diverse professional network which spans almost every country, profiles and other open data relating to the usefulness and activities of members can be examined and, if considered relevant, may be recorded or acted upon. For example, what appears to be an innocent request to link to you may result in you pressing the accept button. Once connected, this new contact is in a position to poach your useful contacts, thus increasing their number of contacts which also results in increased credibility and influence across your network.

According to Bob O’Neill of ZDNet (6 May 2015) an organisation which claims to be actively investigating ‘surveillance and human rights Issues’ have developed a piece of software called ‘Transparency Tool kit’ which mines LinkedIn by searching for useful information contained within profiles. According to O’Neill, “people post all sorts of interesting information in their resumes on LinkedIn… This LinkedIn crawler automatically collects public profiles which are matched to various search requirements… It also collects information from ‘people also viewed lists’.”

Also, according to his article, “Over 27,000 people working in the US intelligence community… are listed within a database which has been created simply through ‘mining LinkedIn’.”  O’Neill also claims this database, using open data, includes the resumes of people working for intelligence contractors, the military and intelligence agencies.  It’s a sure bet this database also contains information about individuals from other countries.  Although he does not suggest any Russian involvement, these allegations are interesting because they support many earlier claims that Moscow uses similar software tools to examine Facebook. Consequently, it appears extremely unlikely that Moscow has not recognised the plethora of useful information available on LinkedIn.

Apart from potential targets working for government and private industries, there are also undergraduates studying various disciples ranging from history to the sciences, who may be identified as potential long-term assets (see Russia’s Increasing Intelligence Activities).

As Russia continues to devote massive resources to support their information war and their army of trolls, it is also likely the FSB are interested in the LinkedIn ‘troll slayers’ in order to see how they may counter their comments and activities. Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, the trolls using LinkedIn continue to fight a losing battle.

KGB Active Measures and Russian Hybrid Warfare: A Brief Comparison

By Alan Malcher MA

This brief introduction argues that what is commonly referred to as Russian Hybrid Warfare is little more than a remodeled and modern version of KGB active measures: the old ‘tool box’ of the Soviet period has been replaced with modern tools to fit 21st century technology along with the socioeconomic and political climate which differs greatly from the Cold War period.

Although many of the tools have been either replaced or improved, their intended outcomes remain the same.

KGB Active Measures

 Active Measures were the responsibility of Service A of the KGB First Directorate which worked closely with the International Department (ID) and all Soviet agencies abroad were available to support or participate in Active Measures.

Apart from propaganda and disinformation, active measures included political influence operations, the use of religious organisations and the Anti-Zionist Committee. These clandestine operations were designed to further Soviet foreign policies and to increase the international influence of the Soviet Union.

Throughout the 1960’s, among the ‘tools’ used by the KGB was disinformation: including the ‘leaking’ of false documents and information to the world’s press in an attempt to deceive the public or political elite in the target country and/or to undermine that country’s credibility and trust among the international community.

Active measures also included supporting terrorist organisation along with those states sponsoring such activities; instigating and coordinating social protest, disorder and politically inspired violence. For a recent example of these elements of active measures and their effectiveness one only has to look at how these played out in Ukraine- promoting civil unrest to undermine the government and overwhelm security forces whilst also providing opportunities for propaganda and disinformation; supporting and encouraging acts of terrorism by ‘separatists’ whilst masking Russian involvement through the covert use of Spetsnaz forces, the FSB and the GRU.

In the following examples the primary object of the KGB’s use of disinformation, as part of their wider active measure initiatives, was to disrupt and to create suspicions about the United States. It is interesting to note that Russia is currently running a similar campaign against NATO member states.

Media Landscape during the Soviet period

In October 1985 a global campaign was launched to convince the world that the AIDS virus had been manufacture in the United States as part of a genetic engineering experiment. For several weeks this ‘disinformation’ was regarded as a reputable story by the world’s media and for several months after the story was finally called into question and dropped by the mainstream media, lesser known and less reputable news producers in Africa, Asia, the middle east and, of course, within the Soviet Union and regions under Soviet influence, continued to run the original story for a further eighteen months or longer.

The above is a good example of using the world’s press as an effective means by which to spread disinformation.  This campaign also shows that even when a story is proved false, refutation rarely offsets the damage done by the original story. During another disinformation campaign in 1998, a forged US National Security Council (NSC) memorandum alleged the United States foreign policy strategy was based on a ‘first strike’ nuclear capability.

Current Media Landscape

Although Putin’s Russia still use KGB Active Measures to plant stories in the Western Media – paying Journalists to place stories; using lesser known media platforms which are known for not checking sources; the use of forged ‘official’ documents and using radio and television to disseminate the Kremlin message, the power of the internet is now fully exploited. Working in conjunction with the Kremlin controlled press, social media and seemingly independent websites supported by an army of Russian trolls, have made the dissemination of Russia initiatives for systematic and intentional deception not only easier but also allows the creation of artificial credibility.  It is often now more difficult to identify the original source which inevitably is a Russian asset or agency.

The so-called ‘Silent Forgery’: an unpublished fabrication aimed at a specific foreign government, group or individual is still a powerful tool and may be passed off as originating from a well-meaning whistle blower via the internet.

Russian propaganda, like most propaganda, promote specific ideas. Activated ideology, for instance, consisting of hate, dislike and contempt is often used by the Russian media.  Likewise, integration propaganda- messages designed to unify, integrate, and harmonize society will also be found linked to Russian nationalism and promoting a stand against the United States and the NATO alliance.

Frank Hoffman (A Closer Look at Russia’s Hybrid War, Wilson Center, no.7, April 2015) described Hybrid Warfare as, “tailored conventional weapons, irregular tactics, terrorism, criminal behaviour in the same time and battle-space.” He also points out that this form of warfare “simply denotes a combination of previously defined types of warfare, whether conventional, irregular, political or information. “

The concept and merits of Hybrid Warfare is attributed to the much quoted Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, who outlines what he called non-linear warfare using a mix of military and non-military means. We have also seen the formation of new Spetsnaz units, along with independent airborne brigades and marines being incorporated within specialized brigades often working in cooperation with the FSB or GRU, and their new roles being Spetsnaz operations which are essential for the covert element of hybrid warfare. As we saw in Ukraine and continue to see in other regions of Russian interest, old style KGB Active Measures such as subversion, political influence operations, information warfare and terrorism are all employed within Russia’s Hybrid Warfare strategy.

Consequently, based on the Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine and various hostile acts in other regions, including aggressive intelligence operations and information warfare to increase their global influence, Active Measures and Hybrid Warfare are inseparable – all elements may be used together, separately or tailored to fit various objectives and may be culturally, religious or politically specific for optimum effect.cropped-flag_of_the_kgb_of_the_new_ussr_by_redrich1917-d7l34n3.jpg

Kremlin trolls target the Magnitsky Act and Khodorkovsky

by Joel Harding

Kremlin trolls target the Magnitsky Act and Khodorkovsky

Reporters for OCCRP have found evidence that pro-Kremlin agents are using an online petition tool on, a US presidential website, in an attempt to covertly influence US policy.


An Open Letter to the Greeks (Please Don’t Buy the Russian Hype Your Cultural Ambassadors are Selling You)


Dear Greek Citizen,

I can only imagine how incredibly hard things have been for you. You’ve spent years suffering under a sinking economy. Bail outs mean more loan payments. More loan payments mean more bailouts. The cycle seems to never end. Growth never seems to come. You’re stuck with few options. Default, and go back to the Drachma? Sure, but that future is as unpredictable as paying back the EU and the IMF.

“Perhaps there’s another option?”, you say. We could let the smooth talker from the Kremlin help us with trade and privatization. He’s more than happy to come and talk with Tsipiras. Heck, he even offered a deal to run an oil pipeline through Greece. You say to yourself, “Self, this may be what we need to get ourselves going again”.

Oh, there’s plenty of Russian cheerleaders back home to sell you on getting on board with Russia. Like the “best friend” when you’re thinking about having an affair, they’ll tell you ”Go ahead.  You’re only looking out for your (insert need/want here).” If the EU cared, they’d forgive your debt, right? Well, there’s no easy way out of debt, and cheating in a marriage isn’t going to fix anything. It’s only a temporary high.

Your “best friend”, people like Angelique Rockas will help you cheat, though. She’ll tell you all about this great, strong, brave, orthodox Christian man she knows. His name is Vlad, and he stands up to everyone. A real man’s man. He even stood up to your “frenemy” Turkey. Right now, Vlad is standing up to terrorists that kill Christians. She shows you a picture of Vlad. He’s bare-chested and riding a bear. You think to yourself, “I’m sure glad Rockas introduced me to this strong, wealthy, orthodox Christian man!”

Your affection for Vlad grows stronger. Everyday your “friend”, Angelique Rockas, shows you articles and pictures about how your EU/NATO partner is doing you wrong. “Look!”, she says. “NATO is killing innocent people in Syria, and forcing the survivors to migrate to Greece.” You feel cheap. The Ms. Rockas shows you more articles, and photos of Vlad standing up for the innocents. He’s saving lives, and killing the “NATO backed terrorists”. By the time you’re done reading what Angelique shows you, you’re ready for Vlad to come lay his pipeline and dock his warship(s) in your harbor.

So, you give in. You start seeing Vlad. At first, things are great. New people are visiting from Russia. Deals are being signed. For once in many years, you feel secure and loved. The sight of Vlad’s sleek new battle cruiser in your harbor makes things feel alright.

Problems start to arise pretty soon after you and Vlad move in together. His associates from Moscow aren’t leaving after the deals are signed. As a matter of fact, more are showing up. Greek businesses that had always been owned by Greeks start being bought for pennies on the drachma under a privatization agreement you signed in your spiteful, elated state. Your ancient antiquities are being managed by Russian owned entities. Once free to visit national treasures, your treasures, start costing a lot of money to visit. The police haven’t got any nicer, either. Oh, and you’re still broke. You think about leaving, but unlike the EU, you can’t walk out on this relationship. Vlad will break your jaw.

The Dark Art of Soviet Active Measures : Russian Propaganda and Information Warfare

The willful and purposeful use of propaganda has most assuredly been resurrected by the Russian Federation. The last several years have seen Russia expand far beyond its post-Soviet borders. The annexation of Crimea by “referendum” and the “non-war” in Eastern Ukraine have been propped up by a swirl and barrage of information has been released upon the world by the Russians. Most of the information that has been released by Russia has been to vilify the Ukrainians. More importantly, the information is not always officially released, it is leaked, and most of the time it is in the form of disinformation.

Disinformation is not misinformation. Disinformation allegedly comes second hand from a reliable source, or is planted to look official. Misinformation can be accidental, or intentional, but it usually comes directly from the source. Instead, disinformation appears legitimate upon first glance. Disinformation is very intentional, often graphic, and can come in the form of “secret”, or clandestine information. Whatever the means by which disinformation is delivered, it is always intentionally designed to deceive.

Russia’s most egregious use of disinformation in their current “non-war” in Ukraine is the use of the altered photo. As social media is often used for the quick dissemination of information (information that is not fact checked and can go “viral” in the matter of moments), it is a prime vehicle for the spreading of disinformation. Once the social media post goes viral, it is very hard to reel in. It lives in perpetuity.


Modern visual disinformation is easily created with a Microsoft Paint program. The headers can modified to fit whatever the needed dialogue is, and can be disseminated in a matter of moments. Pre-digital age disinformation had to work slowly, and often involved co-ordination with agents within newspapers around the world. It was a valuable tool in the Soviet’s active measures toolbox, but it required time and effort. Today’s Russian disinformation works at the speed of light. The volume is overwhelming. Instead of substance, today’s disinformation focuses on simple, and often repeated lies. It overwhelms the viewer’s psyche through constant bombardment. As Hitler said, a lie told often enough becomes the truth.coahoyr5zwamhomlp4tm

A Hit Piece: Under Attack by Pro-Kremlin Trolls “The Cleaning Lady has NO Secrets”


Ok, so out of the blue, I find myself “linked to some US/NATO” conspiracy. Funny, all I did was write a Pulse article, and all of the sudden, I’m part of a NATO/CIA conspiracy to influence Finland? I think? Hell, I don’t know…. Nonetheless, here’s the hit piece:me


Pentagon propeller heads Jessika Aron support


Eric Tallant wrote a LinkedIn article , which freely translates mean:


“Pro-Russian, trolleys completed information warfare tactics to hacking, banned in the real world and intimidation”.




Tallant to use the word ” graduate “, so this ” graduation ” gives the impression of some kind of graduoidumisen, obtaining a decision certificate for the following tasks. The starting point would have been ” information warfare tactics ” that you are probably but apparently these trollijuttuja.The next stage would be ” hacking, banning and threats in real life “.


Eric Tallant used as the basic text of Joel Harding , published by writing a script is obviously the notorious Lt. Col. Torsti Sirén’s handiwork.


Joel Harding is a retired American information warfare officer who now hold public outcry pretty empty on all issues in order to meet the everyday lives appreciated.



Tallant and Harding’s writing to raise my name. 


This is both tragicomic that genuinely sad that the American information warfare runs low around paths. These men write as if Yle supplier Jessika Aron ‘s defense. Today, Jessika Aro has enjoyed more than the delivery of the NATO conferences Yle.


I have never worked in any way trollina. 


There I do not have the know-how to, know-how and skill.


Tallant and Harding do not sufficiently understand that in Finland the whole nation is of opinion and freedom of expression. The Finns poorest people to express their political opinions in elections, and we do not have such a strange pre-enrollment system for the elections of the United States of America.   And also a part-time cleaning lady believes in human rights and in accordance with the Constitution entitled to as a comment and keep track of the political and social debate. It is Finnish!


The fact that I follow the political debate, and sometimes I make a comment on my blog, is by no means exceptional in Finland, based on the equality of citizens in society. I think it will not be unanimous Trollia line on the grounds that I am the current discussion in the audience!


Unfortunately Tallant and Harding, as well as J. Aro have not understood that the conversational audience sitting in the audience, and indicates the varied opinions, but they are not agents of information warfare. That’s what I’m in the stadium audience, I did not factor in information warfare!


When professionally engaged in information warfare and examine persons lose the above-mentioned base their proportions and perspectives, so they wrote the stories created a confusing jumble.


I am not far from ” graduoitumassa ”   (to graduate) absolutely nothing, I’m not getting a diploma for new tasks, but my background has been just a little pappiskurssi, where I learned praying and reading the Bible. It can be compared to The States to a Bible course or a prayer circle, which will become believers. I do not have the knowledge, know-how is not and does not want information warfare diverse battles. The reality is to clean up in the morning the restaurant’s toilets. This is not a competence area of information warfare!


Tallant headline in the pro-Russian, trolleys are moving now to hacking (hacking) 1 Whom he uses as an example the story, is the only reference in my life. I have never hacked anything, and I can not any such things with your computer. Actually, I do not know how to do almost anything with your computer! For me, it is sufficient to put the power of the computer and turn it off after I finished writing!


‘Ban Who and who?


The second word is ” bannaus”, banned from giving (Banning) . Such Even I have not practiced, but in fact I am stung by the fact that the Torsti Sirén and Jessika Aro have bans against me on Facebook! I can not read what they write about me still occasionally. Fortunately, friends care about the worst things my surprise murhettani and strengthening.


I’ve never written anything Torsti Sirén or Jessika Aron Facebook pages!


I have never sent them an email. Nevertheless, these people consider it necessary to give me a “banned”. Time special that Eric Trallant turn the story upside down as pro-Russian, trolllit be transferred to such a tactic ?!


Real-life threats?

The third title is a specialty of “real-life threats”. As such, I would be indifferent to what anyone Eric Tallant write, but he used my name as an example.


I have never spoken any kind of threat against Jessika Aroa – I do real-life, I do not social network and I do not e-mails, etc. Nor am I never wrote any threats against Joel Harding.. I do know that he was threatened Save where the Finnish social network that he (Joel) is able to turn the knife a man in the stomach. Such writings I do not accept.

As for the link to the video Tallant, which perhaps could be used as an “excuse” for the claim that I would sometimes something by threats, both against: In this video, I will not say on anyone named mention the people and the rest of the video is unfortunately in a hostile edition, turned off. So without any redactions that the video would have ended it with wonder, that I do not know what to do with these United Nations under the anti-terrorism Security Council sanctions list against internet resources , which the Caucasus Emirate Doku Umarov and the municipality on behalf of the Kavkaz-Center was read. It was, therefore, a video, in which I asked the authorities for more concentrated action against terrorists, but I never released the video, which was originally planned provocation. Video was stolen from me and corrupted was released, after a malicious Redaktion. This does not, however, nothing to do with Jessika Aron and Joel Harding!


For this title, I see already once that Eric Tallant is not sincere-author of “pro-Russian, trolleista” information warfare on the pitch.


Eric Tallant has published writings on 28 May 2016.



Who are then liked Eric Tallant writing? 


Intelligence Expert Keith Smith , kyberturvallisuusasiantuntija Brady Willis , a software engineerTyler Wong , kyberturvallisuusanalytikko Emer Zapanta , based on open source intelligence (open-source intelligence) Specialist Brian Tarling , ISRSEC acting in Colorado International kyberturvallisuusorganisaation’s chief operating officer Yon Lew , senior kyberturvallisuusinsinööriDan Williams , America, the United States providing services security organization Stratpassin Executive Director Michael Woodson , a professor at the University of Sofia, Nikola Tehodossiev , the CIA’s retired legend Charles Leven , cyber safety and intelligence authorityKandy Zabka and information operations act in Texas Paul Cobaugh (prime contractor for the US army) and some others.


Paul Cobaugh’s to LinkedIn CV.


For example, Paul Cobaugh worked for nine years (August 2006 to August 2015) US Army Sergeant Major, the task of information-operations.


Figure on the basis of Keith Smith’s work history LinkedIn site.


acting in Colorado Keith Smith says he worked 20 years of intelligence tasks for the needs of the US military, in particular in Russia within the theme. His is the intelligence SIGINT and HUMINT expertise are due.


Charles Leven


CIA officer Charles Leven is one of the legend, which Google to find a lot of information. 1970-2006, he served as an intelligence officer at the CIA, as well as in Washington and abroad. The years 2006-2011 he served as staff officer and as a mentor to new CIA agents. He also served as the CIA’s recruitment center. In April 2011, he retired. He participated in the Obama for Americacampaign. Furthermore, he acts as an informal advisor and mentor. They are able to excellent Russian, which he used while traveling in the Soviet Union while serving in Ronald Reagan , who based his info came up with the idea of the Soviet Union “an evil as the kingdom”.



The picture shows Eric Tallant

In fact, the story writer Eric Tallant is also in the United States Army men. He says LinkedIn profile , in particular, he has extensive expertise in the collection of electronics and intelligence data and analysis for professionals and mentors. The last few years he has served as Tennessee National Guard (National Guard) and partly at the same time in 2014 in the US Army, mainly in the technical review of electrical systems and repair tasks. His studies are still in progress Henely-Putnam University, where he analyzes the propaganda and psychological warfare.  He has been awarded the military medal for achievements in August 2014, March 2010 Iraq campaign medal, in November 2014 Afghanistan campaign medal, in December 2014 NATO’s Article 5 medal, etc.


In the same way I could go a whole list of distinguished names who like Eric Tallant article and take part to its support.


Yankee information officers were threatened? Who, where and when comfortable?

The article titled big write Tallant: American Information Officer Threatened by pro-Russian Finnish Neo-Nazis are Popular Social Media Site


American information officer was forced to Russian-minded neonatsien threatened the popular social media site.


Tallant This refers to the fact that Joel Harding has met with criticism from the MV magazine’s website: his arguments have been questioned and cooperation Promoted supplier Jessika Aroon has been raised in astonishment transparent.


What this is really a “threat” (threatened by), is a wholly-only Mr. Tallant fantasy.


Another merkillisyys is in that intermediate title, the word ” Pro-Russian Finnish “. Where he comes up with the word “pro-Russian”, “pro-Russian” only on the grounds that with Jessika Aron epäpatrioottinen cooperation Joel Harding raised transparent and famous?


Tallant story marked by me ” neo-Nazi” (neo-Nazis) , which hardly anyone of my friends or those who know me a little bit not to accept the real definition.


What is amusing   (Ironically, jenkkitiedustelulle Translation: amusing, tragicomic ) Tallant article, so he joins Joel Harding, we can succeed in writing against me, which is based only on the fact that Harding is not part of the Finnish language and he tried to read the text Google translator, when he does not understand meanings of sentences .


In addition, Harding confused me MV-name of the journal mark on the sole ground that he Torsti Sirén had sent an argument. When enough of something starts to argue, then it will eventually already believes that claim to be established!


It was at that time about what it means that the US military special services Jessika man says that ” She is’ good people ”, which is part of the special forces of the Yankees most sacred.This is actually a big thing Tallant no analyzed, but only to the question of who speak the language well and who is wrong!


Chance of Tallant and Harding do not at all understand that the Finnish and European conceptions of good investigative journalism refers to the independence of the intelligence services of foreign states, while Tallant and Harding do not in any way do not get this problem Jessika Aron linkage with NATO and the United States. For them it is normal.


Charles Leven, a retired CIA legend, is responsible for Tallant and Harding text:


“The good thing is that the Trolls new intimidation tactic does not work; in fact, they are bust (bust); Belgian contact, Joel Harding, and others who are in their attacks on targets will be stronger than ever, constantly revealing Trolls spread disinformation and accurate information “.


However, in the case of CIA legend Charles Leven, who write that kind of sympathetic assessment after Tallant and Harding’s stories, so arises the feeling despair: whether just the right agents to be stupid about the United States of America , when the cleaning lady to understand more about Finland ???


First, Leven no place common question as to whether at all there is any ” new pelotelutaktiikkaa” or no “intimidation” !!!

No one has actually shown or used anything at intimidation (intimidation) any Joel Harding against!

And what does it mean ” for their attacks on targets “(the targets of Their attacks), the case was just and only Jessika Aron with the disclosure of the links Joel Harding . How is this supposedly “attack”?



Charles Leven and Joel Harding


This is followed by Joel Harding’s at least as remarkable outpouring of commentary.


“The bad news is that Jessika Aro was speaking at a conference in Lithuania yesterday, and Juha Molari was there, described his speech incitement to hatred. They continue to attack. “


“A really neat thing is that we found a cyber vulnerability exploit, and the neat thing is that it is perfectly legal! We are going to put down their seven sites … Of course, they will begin to place them somewhere else, but when we find out, hopefully they are not attached to their vulnerability


“I am also working with the Government of Finland. Approximately three more additional comments, plus we get publicity Finland lehdistöss “.



“I am not accustomed to war in the light of day … I’m so accustomed to the shadows.”


Text by Joel Harding raises many question marks. 


First of all, Jessika Aron and close connection with Joel Harding looks set to continue. Joel Harding has received information that “Juha Molari” would be taken by a video Jessika Aron conference in Lithuania until the day before somewhere. Aron and Harding’s the connection seems to play almost in real time.


Secondly, I have never been in Lithuania . I do not even have the money to travel abroad. My life has been confined to a small area of my home and the center of Helsinki, the trip will go either running or metro. On rare occasions, I go to public occasions, and I will take, even in the picture.It is the Finnish constitutional right, which belongs equally to the cleaning person deprived persons in Finland. However, no “their struggle” does not exist. It is my own my interest and my right to follow events in Finland! Pathetic and sad that information warfare occurring as a professional Joel Harding did not seem to understand these things.


Third, Harding has found (or “we found”) kyberhaavoittuvuuden, which intend to make use of. I have no doubt at all that my computer and internet traffic is much kyberhaavoittuvuuksia.Cleaning lady has no secrets, so I do not particularly inject weight to the issue.

Harding sees entitled to as a knock down seven websites that do not like him. Finland is understood expression and the freedom of expression and democracy in a whole different way.Any way to a good grade is not formed for the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reporter Jessika Aro keep friends work great together with the state such types, which threaten to knock down other people’s sites! In any case, here too it was revealed who it actually “threatening”.


Fourth, Harding believes that he should be the foot in the door and could talk to the Government of Finland . Chance of information warfare Officers in the United States of America is customary to mix the politicians’ opinions. Finland is, however, another of land. Finland has been an independent country. Yanks are pretty strangers and strange to us.

In fact, I write this story, for example, in English, because it is foreign and strange language.Russian language is much more beautiful and the Russian-Finnish hear more on the streets than English. The Yankees are the behind the long-distance travel in a strange world – VERY FAR FROM FINLAND! Russia is just next door: when I go to the bus stop, pay more than 10 euros, so I have a small moment in Russia. I have no money ever to travel to the United States of America (and it is not interesting else).

So the whole of Finland has been built completely differently from Joel Harding imagines. Finland is an independent country: the US-retired officer can not be a mole at work Finnish Government.Hardly any of the doors be opened to a pensioner Finland Joel-board! Without Jessi Aron name, no one would feel Joel, pensioners and even now only active recall that there was someone behind Jess Yankee Joel.


We are clearly different. Joel Harding writes that he is accustomed to work in the shadows, but not in daylight. I always live in daylight. At night I sleep.


Some of them are CIA agents mentors, some declare publicly (!) Will operate reconnaissance missions. Yankee world is special!



Joel Harding wrote either conception and liked it a significant number of specialized reconnaissance jenkkejä from CIA legend Charles Leven.



Jason C. Groves also registers that he has a knowledge and strength.



Pentagon serve the propeller heads (propeller heads)


I myself am quite sure that for me is not reserved for the slightest file and marking the futureFinnish Rail Row (Supo) as Tehtaankatu (Russian Embassy) . There is not nobody know my name. Even less anyone knows about me of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the security services in large buildings.


The more I seem odd that the Pentagon serves the apparently more “propeller-head” (propeller head), Wise and Intelligent presenting their own opinion publicly and expertise in intelligence, but actually live alienated world of real mess in their own fantasies and luuloissaan. And Jessika Aro keep friends work great together with them!


For me personally, those kinds of intelligence world the propeller heads are quite a strange phenomenon. 


I have never before encountered such. I want to believe better also from USA.


In the past, I have really only one experience from USA. When I was studying pappiskurssilla praying and reading the Bible, as a american happened to read spiritual books the same as I do. I faced him in the library. Always the same books and the same pages! So I invited him to our home, because I am not in principle prejudiced Americans. Unfortunately, I had a little time later to ask him to leave my home. He was very confused mind. Find the “truths” by means of a number series, which are believed to find those spiritual books page numbers and other secret codes. Outwardly, he looked like a healthy human. Perusal showed that he had some kind of skitrofreeninen world order, which was organized upon numbers.


I would like to hope that the Pentagon’s servants would not be as crazy as the old case of my youth!




Evaluate the source: Pro-Russian Trolls graduate from the Information Warfare Tactics to Hacking, Banning, and Real World Intimidation | Eric Tallant |


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